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HLB Loc Hydrating Oil

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Clients love for our incredible Hydrating Oil. While it doesn’t contain anything but all-natural, organic products, this will be everything you need to get the results you desire. Promotes growth, a healthy scalp and ads great moisture to your locs. Pre-order yours now and have it for the holidays..


Why is the option pre-order only?

We are accepting pre-order for our products while we continue to complete our stock of inventory. Gathering all supplies and orders can take time and we want to insure we have everything ready for launch day. Pre-order options just help us to so we aren't over ordering on supplies on our end.

When will pre-orders be shipped out?

All orders will be shipped out the second week of December. Once we have everything needed to complete your order we will post an update on the exact date of launch.

Are the oils the only products you have available?

As of right now the oils are the first products we will be releasing. New products will be produced in the near future.

Once our items are shipped how long will it take?

Once items are shipped we will provide a tracking number. We are only shipping in the US at this time so we expect packages to be delivered within 3 - 5 business days once your tracking number is produced.

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