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Instant Locs

What To Expect with Instant Locs

This service is best recommended for our straight hair clients or those who want to skip the locking process done by comb coils or two strand twists.

STIFFNESS: After your first install your hair will be fully locked and a bit stiff. This is expected with the Crochet Method and they will relax overtime. The stiffness is caused by the hair being permanently locked into countless tiny knots. To help with the initial stiffness, a hat or beanie is recommended if your going to wear them naturally without styling. The ht will help them form. Styling is recommended.

MAINTENANCE: After install you can wash your hair once per week, but no less than once every two week. The best benefit if Instant Locs is that you can wash your hair after install and they wont come undone. We recommend seeing us for root maintenance every 2-3 months, however its optional. Every 3 months we also recommend a deep cleanse. This can be done at home or in the salon. 

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Partial Loc Install

$150 - $300+
Price varies on length and amount
Approximately 1-15 Locs under hair
Appointment time 3 - 5+ hrs

This is great for those who still want to look professional but spice it up a bit. Also great to try out before committing to a full install.


$300 - $400+
Price varies on length and amount
Approximately 20 - 30 Locs
Appointment time 4 - 8 hrs

This option is great for anyone wanting to make a statement. Maintenance is often easier with partial Locs.

Full Head Short/Medium Length

$450 - $550+
Price varies on length and amount
May split appointment into two days
Appointment time 8 - 10+ hrs

Locs can be installed on short or medium hair. Minimum length required is typically 3 - 5 inches.

Full Head Long Hair

$550 -$650+
Price varies on length and amount
May split appointment into two days
Appointment time 10 - 12+ hrs

Keep your length without the extended process of locking long hair. Locs are a great alternative to dealing with everyday long hair.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have unanswered questions about Instant Locs? This FAQ section should take care of any further questions you may have. Please browse the questions and chat with us if you need better clarity.

Will I see my scalp with new dreadlocks?

Yes, you will see your scalp on the first install and any root tightening service. However, this can be adjusted to your preference to some extent. Some people want their sections to be in perfect lines and visible where others want a more natural look that hides the lines of your sections. Each hair type varies but this can be adjusted on some level.

Will my dreadlocks stick up straight after installation?

For the crochet method, yes, the shorter your dreadlocks are the more they’ll stick up. With medium length you’ll notice a “lift”, and for longer dreadlocks and extensions you shouldn’t experience any visibly noticeable lift.
The stiff look is only temporary however, if you wear a hat for the first day or wrap them for sleeping they will maintain the way they lay under your hat or wrap. Also, after a wash or two they will start to relax.

How much length will I loose with a dreadlock installation?

The amount of length lost will vary based on your hair type, installation method, and whether you want your ends open or closed.
For Kinky hair, you’ll only loose 1-3 inches in most cases. For Straighter hair with open ends you’ll typically lose 2-4 inches. When you close your ends you’ll typically loose 2-6 inches. And finally, for hair that is brittle or thinned at the ends you will lose more length.

How often should I get root maintenance after my dreadlock installation?

We recommend once every 2-3 months. This time frame seems to be a happy and healthy medium where your dreadlocks will still look clean without over-maintaining. Maintenance that is done too frequently can lead to traction alopecia and we just don’t think it’s necessary in most cases. Maintenance that is done to infrequently will simply result in a messier look, or the possibility of your dreadlocks growing together.

Can I trust a salon or hairdresser to dread my hair?

99% of the time we would say no, with the exception of Kinky hair and African American salons, but many of those salons also cause problems even with Kinky hair because they care more about their paycheck than they do about the client. One example is over maintenance and traction alopecia, another example is using more product than necessary just so they can charge you more. And practically no salons understand how to work with dreadlocks in hair that is straight.. We’ve seen so many clients from all types of different salons and we end up fixing the problems that salons caused.

How much does it cost to get dreads?

Salons will charge anywhere from $300 to over $1,000 to install a full head of dreadlocks depending on hair length, hair type, dreadlock size, method, and reputation of the salon.

How long does it take for dreadlocks to fully mature?

The amount of time it takes for dreads to fully mature varies greatly based on hair type and installation and maintenance methods. Generally speaking well maintained dreadlocks will fully mature in about 1.5-2 years, and dreads that are free-formed or neglected typically take 3-5 years to fully mature.

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