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Dreadlock Installation

What To Expect with Dreadlocks Installation

After install your hair should flow naturally without the stiffness. The locks can be work loose naturally or put into a style.
Styling is always recommended.

undercut dreads.jpeg


short afro 1.jpeg

Short Afro

medium afro.jpeg

Medium/Long Afro

$275 - $400+
Prices varies on length and amount
Requires 3 - 4 inches of natural hair
Approximately 20 - 30 Locs
Appointment time 4 - 8+ hrs

Please get a haircut prior to your appointment so we know what area we are working with.

$350 - $500+
Price varies on length and amount
Requires 3 - 4 inches of natural hair
May split appointment into two days
Appointment time 8 - 10+ hrs

The shorter the Afro, the shorter your appointment time.

$550 - $700+
Price varies on length and amount
Requires 3 - 4 inches of natural hair
May split appointment into two days
Appointment time 10 - 14+ hrs

Afros longer than 4" with a large number of dreads will result in a much longer appointment.

dread extensions.jpg

Custom Extensions

Product price separate from services
Made from 100% real human hair
Requires 3 -4 inches of natural hair

We create and attach permanent, strong and solid, non wrapped, flawless and seamless Instant Dreadlocks


The Answers You Need

What are the pros and cons of dreadlock extensions?


  • Instant Satisfaction

  • Good Length without the wait

  • Can perfectly match your hair

  • Pick whichever style suites you best

  • Can be installed in any hair type


  • It’s fake

  • Costs more than a standard installation

  • Human Hair Extension collection is often viewed as unethical

What is the maintenance for dreadlock Extensions?

Maintenance methods will vary depending on the method of installation. With the dreadlock crochet method, which is what we use exclusively, there is no maintenance for your extensions other than your standard new growth maintenance that comes along with all dreadlocks!

How long do dreadock extensions last?

Dreadlock Extensions can last anywhere from several months to several years or even being fully permanent depending on the method of installation and hair type. With the crochet method, Kinky Afro hair types tend to be fully permanent, whereas Straighter hair types last around 1-2 years with Synthetic Hair and 2-3 years or longer with Human Hair.

How many dreadlock extensions do I need?

The amount of dreadlock extensions you’ll need varies based on several factors including diameter of the dreadlock, your hair cut, and the thickness of your hair. For Kinky Afro hair types the amount of dreadlocks can range from 40 to 60 extensions for thick and medium dreadlocks and 80 to 120 extensions for skinny dreadlocks. For Straighter hair types the average is typically between 40 and 50 extensions for a full head and sometimes 60-70 extensions for skinny dreadlocks or very thick hair types.

Can I dye my dreadlock extensions?

Dying dreadlock extensions depends on the type of hair used to create the extensions in the first place. Certain Human Hair Extensions are heavily processed and pre-dyed which makes them very difficult to dye later on whereas Virgin hair is unprocessed and is fully dyeable. Synthetic hair should not be dyed with hair color, but is sometimes dyable with fabric dyes.

Can you wash dreadlock extensions?

In most cases, yes, you can wash your dreadlock extensions like your normal dreadlocks. Your stylist will be able to give you an answer that is specific to your method. With the crochet method we certainly encourage you to wash your dreadlocks and extensions which will help tighten and strengthen your dreadlocks.

Can Dreadlock Extensions fall out?

Yes, it is possible for Dreadlock Extensions to fall out. Dread Extensions can fall out for a variety of reasons but the most common reasons are due to poor installation methods and/or they’ve just reached the end of their lifespan and have weakened over time. This is to be expected around the three year mark for straighter hair dreadlock extensions.

Are dreadlock extensions bad for your hair?

Dreadlock extensions can be damaging to your hair only if you decide to comb them out of your hair after they’re installed. Dreadlock Extensions are typically no more damaging to your hair than having normal dreadlocks.

Where can I buy good dreadlock extensions online?

We make our own Kinky Afro Human Hair Loc Extensions which you can custom order a personalized set here! For straight hair we do not offer custom extensions as a service but we highly recommend ordering your Straight Hair Dreadlock Extensions from either DreadsUK or Dreadscapeson Etsy.

What’s the difference between Synthetic, Human Hair, Virgin, Remy, and Wool dreadlock extensions?

The short answer: Human Hair, Virgin Hair, and Remy Hair are all cut from a real person’s head. “Human Hair” is processed and chemically altered to perform a certain way or to be a certain color. “Virgin” hair is is completely natural and unprocessed and “Remy” means that all the cuticles of the hair are going in the same direction which makes it the most natural hair. Synthetic hair is made from synthetic fibers which range from realistic to plastic looking depending on the quality. Wool dreadlock extensions are typically very colorful and unrealistic, they are typically used temporarily to adorn your current dreadlocks.

How noticeable is the attached area between my real hair and each dreadlock extension?

If your hair color and texture matches the hair used for the extensions it will be virtually seamless. And even if your hair doesn’t match perfectly it’s still very difficult to notice the attachment in most cases. In some straighter hair types it’s not uncommon to have a slightly thicker section where the connection is made, but it’s only noticeable if you’re seeking it out.

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